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Could Libertarians be Controlled Opposition?

Libertarian-ism has always been seen as being anti-establishment. However, I suspect libertarians might be controlled opposition, for the purpose of derailing kids from embracing true-conservatism.
Libertarians love “free” trade, anti-tariffs, open borders, anti-police, anti minimum wage laws.

The first of those two are the bench mark of globalism and establishment politics.

Anti-police might appear to be anti establishment at first, however, one must keep in mind that the police are overwhelmingly conservative. And that anti-police ideals heavily pushes people away from conservative values.

To be fair, Ron Paul ran a heavy anti-immigration platform back in 2012 and 2008, and he voted against both NAFTA and TPP, but I’ve met more than enough libertarians that support both open borders and the TPP. This means they directly align with globalism, democrats and RINO’s.

Add to all this is that the Koch brothers fund libertarian movements. And they split votes from the republicans.

I used to identify as a libertarian as I supported gun rights and legalisation, but the movement is all a facade to back the TPP and open border politics. Libertarians think they are anti-establishment while they support establishment policies.