Could Libertarians be Controlled Opposition?

Libertarian-ism has always been seen as being anti-establishment. However, I suspect libertarians might be controlled opposition, for the purpose of derailing kids from embracing true-conservatism.
Libertarians love “free” trade, anti-tariffs, open borders, anti-police, anti minimum wage laws.

The first of those two are the bench mark of globalism and establishment politics.

Anti-police might appear to be anti establishment at first, however, one must keep in mind that the police are overwhelmingly conservative. And that anti-police ideals heavily pushes people away from conservative values.

To be fair, Ron Paul ran a heavy anti-immigration platform back in 2012 and 2008, and he voted against both NAFTA and TPP, but I’ve met more than enough libertarians that support both open borders and the TPP. This means they directly align with globalism, democrats and RINO’s.

Add to all this is that the Koch brothers fund libertarian movements. And they split votes from the republicans.

I used to identify as a libertarian as I supported gun rights and legalisation, but the movement is all a facade to back the TPP and open border politics. Libertarians think they are anti-establishment while they support establishment policies.


Why I think Gen-z is ultra conservative

New Study has shown that gen-z is the most conservative yet. Keep in mind people are more liberal in their youth, and their politics shift rightward as they get older. I think there are several contributing factors to this:

Liberals hate having children, most of gen Z are children of Christians, or other right wing parents
Video games- video games are filled with guns and swords, teaching kids about guns and encouraging them to try them in real life. Gen Z kids can identify guns far better than most journalists. Video games teach kids to fend of themselves, you don’t “wait for the police to protect you” in a video game, you save the day. Video games don’t have oppression Olympics or victim-hood mentality. You play a shooting game, try out your favourite gun in real life, then buy and keep one for hobbies and defence, a new conservative is made.
Sexiness- When I think of conservatives I think of SEALS, firefighters, hot cheerleaders, and pretty church choir girls. Well liberals- fat feminists, skinny SJW’s with glasses. What teenager would join the latter group? Teenage boys want to be fighter pilots and date cheerleaders. And the girls want to be cheerleaders and date fighter pilots.
Dating- Tons of liberal boys with SJW parents became conservative after being shafted in the dating market. Then they research dating techniques and forums, ALL of which hate the feminist world view. The old rule “Girls prefer conservative men” is a damn good reason to switch parties, better looking girls on the right is just icing on the cake.
Most importantly the internet- now kids don’t have to follow communist news net anymore and think for themselves

Why I find climate change difficult to believe in

I remember I was first shown global warming videos back in high school, and then it was everywhere on campus during college. And I believed them.
It’s funny how liberals always structure themselves as pro-science, and republicans as anti-science. When they believe in:
-90 Genders
-Race is a social construct
-IQ tests are racist and sexist
-Women don’t have biological clocks
-Men somehow have biological clocks
It’s hard to take climate change seriously when the same people pushing it believe in 90 genders.
In other words it’s not climate change that’s difficult to believe but the rest of the lunacy in the liberal asylum
Funny enough, Tumblr (the bastion of SJW’s) only let’s you register as male or female…

Liberal Doublethink, 1984

  1. the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.

It’s frightening how liberals can hold completely contradictory beliefs just like the world of Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four

1. Liberals hate the police, but think only the police should have guns

2. They think big pharma is evil, but think we should force kids to be vaccinated at gun point (by cops that liberals hate)

3. Hates cars for pollution and fatalities, but give licenses to undocumented immigrants.

4. Hate the Iraq war, but want to vaporise Syria

5. Think restricting illegal immigration makes you a racist, but support overthrowing the government of Ecuador in a CIA coup

6. Realise that drug prohibition doesn’t work but support gun control

7. Hate corporations, but love Starbucks, Apple

8. Support minimum wage laws, but wants more undocumented immigrants to work under the minimum wage

9. Hate white people, but live in white countries

10. Think that minorities are discriminated against, so they create affirmative action policies to kick out Asian kids to fill their schools with more white kids

11. Liberals think restricting the refugee program is racist, but they support bombing Muslim countries, droning children and killing people by the thousands

12. Think all women should be feminists, but think feminists who are pro-life are NOT feminists.

13. Considers themselves pro-science, but think there are 90 genders.

It’s inconceivable how any rational human being can believe such contradicting viewpoints, unless of course they have been indoctrinated. 1984 is here and it broke the left long ago.

An introduction

Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have gotten me highly interested in politics. I have always had tons of ideas, and love discussions, but I have recently decided to start a blog to post them. I will be posting news articles as well as political theories.

I am a millennial living in North America and of Asian decent. And I have a tech background.

I picked the name “conservativeninja” as I thought it sounded intriguing, and gives a good idea of what this blog is about.